BAT in BRAVE's folio but not in my Uphold wallet

Hi !

I contacted Uphold’s support but they don’t have the answer.
I have some BAT in my Brave’s rewards but i can’t transfer in my Uphold’s wallet since the beggining … I try a lot of things (disconnect/reconnect my Uphold’s account ofc) but nothing change …

Can someone help me pliz ?

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Hi, I have the same problem. I’ve got over 45 BATs and a verified Uphold account but BATs don’t show in Uphold account. Only thing I can think of is because most of my BATs were earned before I had an Uphold account?

Seems like others are having the same issue. I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting my verified Uphold account and still the BAT hasn’t transferred to my Uphold.

i have the same problem

@steeven can you help us? what will have happened?

Hi @Kuroichigo

Thanks for following up. We’ve just deployed a fix! The fix is currently in Nightly and will be in Release version soon. This was an elusive bug and I really appreciate your patience here. Once the fix is in your entire balance will port to your Uphold wallet and will continue to do so as you earn new BAT. Thanks again for your patience here, I know that it’s been incredibly frustrating.