BAT gone, no new BAT coming in

When I updated a week and a half or two weeks or three weeks or whatever I go I lost all my back. I reinstalled my app, and all my bat is just gone. My new account isn’t getting any bat either. Not from new ads not from my old bat nothing is coming in. I’m getting really angry about this, and I’m about to start freaking out and spread the word that brave is a complete fraud. somebody needs to get back in touch with me, and they need to make it a dialogue so that I know what’s going on. This is not just a one-time problem it’s only happening with me. I see this post every single day from someone new. Something’s got to be done, and it’s got to be done now. Your lack of transparency is really not cool.

Brave Browser App for Mobile devices cannot be backed up at the moment. So if you uninstall the mobile app you will loose all your funds inside as well as any pending rewards. BAT ads depends on various factors if there is available campaign for mobile ads or not something like that.

I know all these because I did my own research about the brave rewards before starting it in.

Maybe instead of threatening Brave you should go and learn about the Brave Browser and App completely.

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