Almost 400 BAT disappeared when I verified my wallet

Yesterday, I decided to verify two of my Brave rewards accounts to my Gemini account. I verified my Brave account tied to my phone, and the Bat was sent after a few minutes, however, most of my BAT from my desktop has disappeared and is neither in my Brave rewards nor in my Gemini account. Not only that, but my desktop wallet was flagged too.

How do I get my BAT into my Gemini account and get my wallet unflagged? Thank you.

Yes, for that amount of BAT it is likely flagged. I have seen a flagged account for much less than that.

I suggest that you open a support ticket and explain them the situation.

Thank you, I have submitted a request for help. The only reason why I have so much BAT in the wallet is because I was one of the very first people to start using Brave when they gave out rewards and have been accumulating them for years.

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