All my BAT disappeared when I tried to use my Gemini wallet

I had 18 BAT in my Brave rewards account, but when I went to use my gemini Wallet it all went away. I spent months building it up, and it all went away when I tried to use wallet. Really unhappy with the Brave Browser. Will probably delete and give a one star review if not resolved.

@kennypowers55 …

It happened to me too. and then credited to my account. you should check your payment date. once that reached it may take one or two days to see that on your gemini wallet. I don’t think there is any issue with brave…


I hope your right, but shouldn’t I be able to to see it somewhere to know that is what is happening?

This has happened to me too. It’s been over a week since I linked Brave to Gemini. If it takes time I understand but it really should show pending transfer or some form of communication. Just leaving users in the dark doesn’t really inspire confidence.

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Lol same happened to me today, Everything disappeard when i connected Gemini wallet

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Same problem here : (

Wait what…after linking my account all my BAT disappeared.
As soon as i checked my wallet (after the relpy) it suddely appeared back. (And also reflected in my gemini account) XD

I guess you just have to wait for some time.

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