BAT decrease issue

Im using Brave Browser about one week on Windows 10 and browser is up to date. I dont know why is it happened but today some BAT decreased suddenly although Auto-Contribute is off. Why is this happens?

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I have the same issue.
Im using Brave Browser about one week on iMac
I had 2,10 us dollar earned in BATs. 1 day later it was 1,90 and and one day later its is 1,60 us dollar.
Auto contribute is OFF.
I dont know why this is happened bu it keeps decreasing. Please help !

Still decreasing. First it decreased to 1,60 dollar from 1,80-1,90. Second time (today), it decreased to 1,80 from 2,00 dollar. Is this some kind a bug or something else? Waiting for helpful answers.

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The issue is with the value of the BAT. it is decreasing rapidly since 17th. As at now 1 BAT=1.22579 USD. However it used to be more than 1.5 USD.


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