BAT and Browser Update



Hi all,

Edit: I realise now I couldn’t have set up an auto-topup, silly me. I did top up with a significant amount of BAT and would like to recover it if possible, so any extra hints on where to find wallet info would be greatly appreciated!!

Like many people, I lost all my user data in the recent update; and I think while trying to fix it myself I nuked my user data (very clever I know…). Can’t find the Session-Stored file at all.
I don’t think I have a backup of my BAT wallet but had set up a recurring payment to buy more. Can anyone think of a way to cancel it/recover the wallet/move it over to a new wallet?
I realise that not being able to do these things is half the point of crypto, so I guess I’m asking for a bullet-proof way of working out if my wallet information is on my computer at all. Running Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.


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