Basics: sesssion clear up

for ‘unique session id/etc’, if you have ‘profile 1’ up, and you open ‘profile 2’ does that create new session?

it is not clear if it does or doesnt

  • it seems like opening ‘profile 2’ would (most users would think this)

so does it or does it not? can someone clear it up

or if theres a definitive help page (thats always updated) that would be really good also

seems like it doesnt but its very unclear, can someone clear it up

  1. on I can be tracked with Brave Browser - #10 by Emi

  2. user links to Fingerprinting: How do we know it's actually working - #5 by cswanson

  3. and on Fingerprinting: How do we know it's actually working - #6 by pes

a brave person says ’ most common way to cycle sessions is by restarting the browser.’

but they never say or make clear that opening up ‘profile 2’ when ‘profile 1’ is up would not create a new ‘session id’ for profile 2

most would think that opening up profile 2 would create a new ‘session’

  • also are cookies ever shared or seen between 2 different profiles? and is that same basically in the common browsers?

  • do websites have tech that can do that, maybe GOOGLE can

  • if new session is not created in ‘profile 2’, and everything is 1 ‘session’ (for each completely opening of brave) – then maybe cookies are shared or could be shared

for most basic things the brave ppl should and needs to make short guides and summaries (that are very easy to find - like should show as 1st thing on google)

or have those summaries show when hovering over settings / options - which happens in games and other good software (though very few proportionally)

@Aman_M @Saoiray @rodrige might be able to assist you. Thanks

@ellonumsk My intuition is different profiles would have different sessions, cache, cookies etc. I will try to find more from the posts you’ve linked. I will post an update if I find something else.

I tested as mentioned by @pes here- Fingerprinting: How do we know it's actually working - #4 by pes and it appears that different profiles share same session. Nice find OP, I guess you tested already :wink:. Maybe Pes and @Mattches can give more info.

this is what shouldve been linked at the beginning of other thread and topic overall

on this link, for 1st link, it has 4 numbers

  • Fingerprint using DynamicsCompressor

  • Fingerprint using DynamicsCompressor (hash of full buffer):

  • Fingerprint using OscillatorNode:

  • Fingerprint using hybrid of OscillatorNode/DynamicsCompressor method:

Are we suppose to copy and check all 4 after ‘step 3’

Or can we just check 1 of them?

We dont know (in any simple ways) which websites fingerprints, is that correct?

2nd site only gives 1 number, a “Signature”


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