Bancor network card request

Hello Brave developers,

I would like to request adding the Bancor network as a card, or widget, to the homepage of Brave.

Why? Because services such as Celsius and BlockFi are using Bancor for staking other people’s assets and giving them a smaller portion of what they would have received if they went to Bancor directly.

We need to cut out the fat from the crypto environments and bring better awareness to those who are looking for it. Brave is turning out to be that service! Thanks guys, top notch work.

Bancor is home to the deepest BAT LP pool that exists. It has run LM rewards and supports single-asset staking. This should be advertised and partnered together. New traders and LPs are safe at Bancor


“Bancor is home to the deepest BAT LP pool that exists.” Adding a card should be a no-brainer. I’m looking forward to it with breath that is bated.


Please make this happen :pray::pray::pray:


Bancor is home of some of the deepest pools. Please make it happen.

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