Add Bancor to DEX Aggregator as part of Roadmap 2.0 release

Brave Roadmap 2.0 will feature a DEX aggregator. Work on the DEX aggregator is ongoing, hence why I believe this suggestion comes in good timing. As per the 2.0:Update 1 Roadmap on the 7th of April 2021:

  • Benchmarked various DEX aggregator APIs against one another.
  • Implemented a draft of the SWAP UI and API integration.

Bancor Network has the deepest BAT DEX liquidity by far:

If the DEX aggregator doesn’t list Bancor, it’s a big loss for all the BAT swaps that go through it, as higher liquidity on the BAT BNT pool generally means less slippage. Currently, the pool has a liquidity of $21,089,053, and 0.5% fees.

Therefore, I believe it is in the best interest of the BAT community that the DEX aggregator taps in the deepest BAT liquidity on a DEX.

Couldn’t be any more on board with this. The BAT liquidity on Bancor grows more and more each week and will soon pass some of these CEX.

Also adding my support here. Bancor has 14.2M BAT tokens in its pool at the moment which would puts it above other DEXes (e.g. Uniswap) and even certain CEXes (Bitfinex)


This is a great idea! I think Bancor and BAT could have great synergy and adding the dex with deepest liquidity for the aggregator would be an important step, especially if brave wants BAT to be the main token for dex agg

As a user of both Brave and Bancor, I couldn’t be more excited to see this initiative take flight. Seems like a great fit for both parties.

I fully support this. Bancor is amazing.

i’m new to crypto, but i’ld like to see how this plays out