Aw, Snap! Something went wrong

Also getting this issue, posted it here:


Having the same issue. This is the second time in several months that the Brave browser has completely ceased to function. Will watch both threads for insight.

Same thing here. Aw Snap with everything I try to open up. Can’t get to extensions. Thought about uninstalling when I saw someone else tried that too and it didn’t work. Fortunately, Chrome still works for me. Oh well, guess it’s back to Google and lack of privacy again.

Same issue as well as idenical issue with chrome. Have unintalled and re-installed with no imporvements. IE works ok.

Are you connected to a VPN of any kind? Additionally, do you have any extensions installed in Brave (or Chrome)? If you launch using a new/fresh profile do you get the same results? Also, what OS and Brave version are you using?

I don’t think this is necessarily a Brave problem. I ran across this issue with Google Chrome on two different Windows computers at two different clients I support. One of my techs also experienced the problem a couple of weeks ago on his own Windows 10 laptop when using both Google Chrome and Brave. I suspect it’s probably really a Chromium issue.

Try the following work-around:
To the shortcut that launches Brave, add the --no-sandbox command line parameter and see if that allows Brave to start working again. You’ll probably see a message about using an unsupported command-line flag. But if you want to continue to use your Chromium-based browser until the issue gets fixed, then ignore the warning.



I don’t have a VPN set up. In chrome I have several extensions installed. I have tried to disable them by going to : > More Tools > Extensions, but chrome displays Aw, Snap!. In Brave, I have no extensions installed.

I think I have and 79.0.3945.79 (chrome)

Creating a new profile makes no difference.

I’m running Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

I had the same issue for 2 days. After uninstalling and reinstalling even an old version of Brave. And also Chrome and Adobe reader, it still gave the same “Aw, Snap!..” error. So I just uninstalled and assumed something on my computer was corrupted.

After checking here just in case and seeing that other people had the same exact problem, I reinstalled and figured I’d wait on Brave showing an update available.

But after downloading again and installing, it works just fine. Version 1.1.21 Chromium: 79.0.3945.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

So either there has been some update to either Brave or some other program that was messing things up, or whatever else I did, fixed the issue.

Edit: I spoke too soon. I had a weird issue which is it seemed to work normally, but then went back to giving the error for new tabs. However, for a while I had one tab that worked normally as I could click any link on the page an it opened that link just fine. But I could not type a different URL into the bar and have it go to that page. It blipped for a fraction of a second and the page didn’t change and the original url just came back in the bar. Right clicking and trying to open a link in another tab or new window gave the error in that new tab or window.

That one tab worked just fine as long as I had it open. So the browsing functionality seems to work just fine.

I closed the browser and opened it again and am back to the error.

I appreciate everyone reporting. I’ll do some digging with the team and see what we can find out. Thank you for your patience.

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Same thing happened with my computer. My problem happened after an update in Windows 10 Home about three to four days ago. I suspect it is a problem with Windows. There were other weird things that happened, such as my sound card was nonresponsive but I was able to troubleshoot that. Pretty much the extent of my knowledge of what to do to get Brave back.

I’m currently having the same issue of instant crash to every endpoint including the brave://** paths.

A week or so ago, I installed Brave and 1Password extension and everything worked. I got the most recent update from Brave. Brave browser immediately reported that there was an issue with the 1Password extension. I hit refresh and instantly got Aw, Snap! Of course, I tried to go to more-tools, extensions to uninstall 1Password but the extensions location also generates Aw, Snap!. Installed and uninstalled several times. Is there a manual way to remove extensions outside of the browser?

Just a guess. Can someone test disabling Hardware acceleration in the Brave settings… does this help with the Ah Snap issue?

For those users running into crashes, can you please check brave://crashes and provide us with the Crash Report ID so we can narrow down the issue. If you haven’t enabled Automatically send crash reports to Brave by default, you’ll need to send the report first before providing us with the Crash Report ID.

Example of a crash report that hasn’t been submitted:


Example of a crash report that has been submitted (notice the ``Crash Report ID`):

Are any of you guys running any third party anti-virus software? If so, does disabling it improve stability?

brave://crashes gives me the same Aww Snap page so can’t submit a crash report

I have Symantec Endpoint protection version 14 (14.0.3897.1101) running (provided by my work IT), if I disable it all then Brave still doesn’t work, and neither does Chrome

If its affecting both Chrome and Brave, there are issues. Does Symantec include any chrome extensions you can disable? Is there any web protection/firewall you temp disable in Symantec (rather than the whole app)?

SEP v14.0 has a known problem with Chromium. I don’t know if simply disabling it (or uninstalling SEP) is sufficient, but upgrading to at least 14.2 has apparently been successful. There’s an open bug and subsequent conversation about it on the Chromium dev buglist. (At least there was on Friday when I was looking for issues related to this Aw Snap! problem.)

Edit: found the link…!&sort=-modified&colspec=ID%20Pri%20M%20Stars%20ReleaseBlock%20Component%20Status%20Owner%20Summary%20OS%20Modified

2nd edit: Symantec’s link:

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Thanks for the detailed report – and yes, we have our own issue open on our Github as well:

I believe that SEP is the common thread between everyone’s issues. I would recommend everyone test by disabling (at least temporarily) Symantec and trying to use the browser again.

I have PC Matic, and it is the cause of my problem. Pausing it did fix the problem. Which is probably why it worked temporarily when I posted before. I had paused it for 10 minutes to do the install, so Brave worked fine for a period. Then it probably turned back on after 10 minutes and then I got the “Aw Snap” error.

Though I still did have that one window that worked, which I just re-created by letting the pausing of PC Matic time out again. Can’t open any new tabs, but the existing ones work just fine. Any links work fine as long as it stays in the same window to show the content. Any link that has to open a new tab does not. So I set one to Bing to see what it would do and it will navigate the Bing news feed just fine until I click a story link that opens a new tab with the story.

PC Matic did not interfere with Brave before, so it is some new conflict. I did try installing an old version of Brave, so unless that download installed the new version, it does seem to be on PC Matic’s end. Chrome Browser works just fine.

Looks like PC Matic was attempting to inject into the Chromium renderer process which was causing stability issues. The last comment [1] is from a Chromium developer that mentioned that PC Matic have fixed their issue as per:

PC Matic fixed the issue in, released on 25 Nov 2019. Affected users should make sure they are running the latest version of PC Pitstop or PC Matic clients.

@Roscoe39 have you updated to by any chance?

There’s also which has a bunch of information/user complaints relating to SEP and other anti-virus vendors that are currently crashing Chromium.


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Thanks, that workaround works for me. Will try to convince my company IT team to upgrade my Symantec version.