Autofill from 1Password does not work anymore

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Description of the issue:
Autofill from 1Password does not work any more

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a webpage with login
  2. Hit either the text with the found login data shown by 1Password or hit the Keysmbol on the right side next the the shown login data by 1Password.

Expected result:
1Password should autofill its found content in the corresponding fields.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.57.2 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone SE 2022
iOS 17.0.3 (21A360)

Additional Information:
Unfortunately, as a new user, I can’t upload my screen video to show the fault.
As an option, I provide a download link for this file which is valid until November 21. 2023 at 22:27 GMT+1.

That’s the feedback from 1Passowrd support:
From your video provided, this issue seems to lie either within iOS or within Brave due to how the Autofill feature works.

iOS takes information from the app on-screen (Brave in this case) to see if there’s any username and password fields that can be filled in. If there is fields fillable, iOS asks 1Password if it has any matching data to be used for filling. 1Password passes username and password information to iOS, which then fills into the app and into the fields that need filling. Therefore, 1Password isn’t doing anything in this situation except providing data and iOS is the one responsible for filling.

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I was able to solve the problem by accident.
After the mentioned problem with Brave, there was shortly after also a problem with “Handoff”. So I had to logout on my Laptop and iPhone from iCloud and AppStore, disable “Handoff” and restart both devices. After that I had to login to Apple iCloud and AppleStores again as I do have different ID’s for iCLoud and AppleStore.

Now to my surprise the Autofill between 1Password and Brave on the iPhone does work again.
Very very strange and does tell me that iCloud is involved in the Autofill feature at least since iOS 17.

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