Auto filling email in Gmail

I’m transitioning from Chrome to Brave and seeking a similar experience. In Chrome, I can set the following URL as my startup page:

In Chrome, this URL sends me to Google login page with an email address ( already filled in. But in any other browser, it returns a 404 error page. This is probably due to Chrome handling these kinds of URL in a non-standard way.

Does anyone know how to create a similar URL that works in Brave?

When I open the link you sent, it is opening the link with he already filled over there.

So, its working all fine.

You are trying in Brave, right? May I ask which version? Do you have any modifications that may affect Google login?

I ask because I tried the link in different browsers and OSs and it only works in Chrome.

I’ve noticed the link also doesn’t work in Chrome Incognito.

I compared the requests to that page from Chrome (regular vs. incognito) and I noticed regular Chrome adds two headers: x-chrome-id-consistency-request and x-client-data.

I tried it on Brave V. 1.29.77

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