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I’m using Brave dev and I have an issue with auto complete or Google suggestions in the address bar. When I type in something I only get suggestions from sites/urls I visited before but no Google search suggestions. When I browse Amazon and I search for something in their search field I get no suggestions as well. Is this a setting I don’t find or a bug?


Sorry found it:

Enabled “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar” in the Advanced settings

…but Amazon search is still not working :frowning:

@uiuiuiui Thanks fo reaching out!. Brave supports 6 search egines by default, you can set any one of these engines as default search egines. Also you can add additional search engines like e.g Amazon. But prediction webservice will not be avilable for additional search engines. Hence you will not be able to see auto complete search suggestions for Amazon in URL bar.


Thanks for your answer.

I meant the search field directly on Amazons web page. When I type in something I don’t get any suggestions. When I try it with Chrome it works properly

@uiuiuiui When I search any item in Amzon search web page. I am getting search suggestions.

what is the default search engine set in your browser?


@gsarvadnya oh, ok - works fine for me but not which works with Chrome properly. May you give it a try on

I did not change anything to the standard search engines, so Google is my default.

@uiuiuiui Could you try disabling “Ads and trackers blocked” and try again? It should work.

Please revert back if it doesn’t work.


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