Attachments in emails and saving

  1. I’m new to Brave.
  2. In Chrome attachments in emails can be opened from a drop down menu when you click DOWNLOAD on the attachment. It can be opened from the icon in the bottom bar. you can then choose to SAVE or not. Alternatively you can view a PREVIEW. I prefer this method. of being able to OPEN before SAVING.
  3. In Brave when I click DOWNLOAD it take me to the FILE SAVE AS box, so I have to SAVE the file before it can be OPENED.
  4. Are there settings that allow me to use Brave in the same way as chrome?

before a pop up box appear
How can this issue be reproduced?

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Hi @ThomasTX, Welcome to Community!
What email service are you using?

Hello Aaron,

I use MSN and hotmail

@ThomasTX, since you’re using msn/hotmail, on the attachments do you see a more than on button? i.e. a download button and a more options button


This is what I get in 3 browsers


When I click the DOWN arrow on the pdf attached I get the following, which is the same for all 3 browsers:


If I click PREVIEW, I see an on-screen preview of the pdf.

If I click on DOWNLOAD I get the SAVE AS screen opening at the last document I SAVED. So to see the DOWNLOAD I have to save it first. That is inefficient as I don’t SAVE every download:


This is the worst of all the DOWNLOAD processes.


If I do the same in Chrome the Preview is the same.

If I click DOWNLOAD then the document opens immediately. I can then choose if I want to SAVE it. This is much more efficient as I don’t necessarily want to SAVE every document. This is the best process as there is no intermediate step to OPEN the document.


If I click on DOWNLOAD in Explorer I get a box giving me the option, to OPEN or SAVE. This is the 2nd best process.

Best wishes,


Did you manage to find a solution?

No not yet. Any help gladly accepted.

Apologies for the late reply. I’ve done some testing and in both chrome and Brave, always pushes me to download a PDF rather than opening in a new tab.
Can you click on the test pdf link below. Are you promoted to download or does it open in a new tab?

Hello Aaron,

Thanks for the follow up.

Your link opens a file “Dummy PDF file.” Does that tell you something?

If I try to open a PDF from other emails it still opens the SAVE BOX and not the actual PDF file.

If this can’t be fixed it will stop me using Brave as my default as I do not want to have to SAVE an attached PDF file before I can open it. Better to put up will all the annoying pop up in Chrome :frowning:

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