Open file with application instead of downloading

I have seen this topic come up multiple times, but can’t find any feedback that provides a solution. It is very annoying. Please fix this problem.

Whenever I click on a link that has a document I want to view, Brave will only provide the option to save the file. The document can be a word document, powerpoint, excel or other text file application. Firefox, Edge and Chrome launch the application to view the document, but not Brave. This has become so annoying that I run another web browser just to be able to launch an application to view a file rather than saving it. Please update Brave to provide the option to launch an app to read a document rather than being forced to save the file.
Version 1.9.80 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)


In Firefox, yes, they give you an option to open the file. But Brave should have the same behavior with Chrome. :thinking:

Yes, since Brave is Chrome, I was thinking the same. Chrome saves to folder the first time you click a file link (like MS Word for example), but then provides an option to have all future links to open MS Word. This does not happen in Brave nor do I see any option that gives me the same choice as Chrome when clicking a file link.

Same here, like you I am running Firefox for that reason most of the time despite my preference for the Brave browser. Kind of disappointing and was hoping that I would find some workaround, however apparently there is not one.

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