Are the payment processing yet or finished?

the paiement is finished and i received nothing i knew it all month the same the button is red and write finished

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Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020 @libanais75 it’s this and it’s still green

not for publicher for ad reward paiement is finshed


@justsomeone1. Yes thanks I have received my payment last night. thanks .

Thanks anyway. I received my full payment for Brave rewards. Keep safe and stay healthy.

I still haven’t received any of my claimed BAT for July 2020?

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you welcome and congratulations for your payment and have a nice day

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no i didn t have my payment yet


Publishers payout not come

me to same nothing yet

Hello @libanais75 did you got my dm or not ?

yes but i wait steeven answer me i sent a screenshot

ok hope you get paid soon and have a nice day :slight_smile:

thans i wait steeven answer me there are just steeven to help?

there are others but once your issue is handle by one of them the other would not get involved

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