works normally on Firefox, but on Brave

… it will not connect.

These screenshots were taken within minutes of each other.
There is no difference in terms of proxies or DNS servers between the two.



The same problem exists when going to a page archived by someone else. In fact this is my primary use of the site and the problem applies to all the associated archive URLs ( and others.)

I already tried disabling extensions.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

@Meeker-Morgan did you try new profile or private windows? I just went to test what you mentioned and have no issues on Brave:

One thing I will point out though is when you show for Brave, it says closed the connection. When I tried typing that in, it redirected to I’m not sure if you’d have better luck typing in that URL instead?

From a private window after explicitly typing in

Similar with which is another of their domains.

I also tried it using Microsoft Edge and got a similar error message.

Yeah, seems like it might be something more related to DNS or something. The sites seem to be working on Brave in general. Really not sure why you’d be having issues. But then when you say that it duplicates in another browser, it kind of doubles down to say it’s not anything with Brave.

Big issue is just troubleshooting where the issue is at.

At least I know now what not to mess with.
I’ll check back when I figure it out.

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