Brave needs something like the Safari or Firefox Reader feature


Both Safari and Firefox have a feature which I use many times a day and which I sorely miss in Brave, namely a “reader” view. This feature works on most (but not all web pages) and allows the user to see only the text of the main article on the page in a single column of text in a font and size of your choice, Everything else on the page (except graphics which are part of the article) disappears from view while in use. This greatly increases the readability of the text and helps concentrate my attention by removing distractions on the page. It also greatly facilitates copying or saving the article in a more useful format.

Here is a screenshot of a partial page in Firefox (for Mac) showing the little blue page icon at the end of the URL field which toggles the reader view, plus a sample of an article in Reader view. Satari Reader is similar but even nicer.

If this feature is already present in Brave (and I have missed it), please tell me what it is called and how I can locate and use it.

I am running Mac OS 10.13.6 and Brave 0.23.39

Thanks for a great browser and for considering this suggestion for improvement. Randall


I don’t know if this covers all platforms (which I hope it will) but from what I have been told, reader mode is coming to Brave in the upcoming version 1.0 =)


Thanks, KetaKongen. That’s encouraging news. I’ll be watching. Randall


You’re not the only one asking about it. Lots of things to be excited for!


Yes, reader mode is 100% coming to Brave :). It’ll have some more advanced features in the background that make Brave’s reader mode more efficient than your average reader mode, too. Stay tuned please! Very exciting stuff.


do you have a date for the rollout of Brave, reader inclusive?