Anyone have luck with BitDefender on the Brave browser?

After researching anti virus software, the consensus seems to be that BitDefender is the superior pick. When I went to their website, it says it’s only compatible on the mac with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. I’ve been using Brave for years and really like its privacy and ad blocking features, so not looking to change. So, has anyone been able to install BitDefender with Brave? If not, what anti virus product do you recommend?

I use it with Brave and it works there too.

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@TexasThor when anything says it’s only compatible with certain browsers, all they mean is they have only paid to have it tested on those particular browsers and they can’t guarantee it for anywhere else. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work on other browsers.

As Brave is based on Chromium, anything that works on Chrome would work for Brave. However since it wasn’t specially tested and/or developed for Brave, nobody would be able to speak to any potential issues that could occur. Some of the minor differences made by Brave could be enough to cause issues between them.

I will say a lot of people use BitDefender with no issues. There have been compatibility issues before where it didn’t mesh with Brave and there’s no guarantees that won’t happen again in the future, but it should be good overall.

@Saoiray Thank you so much for the detailed response. I appreciate it. I have read that BitDefender is the superior choice for laptop protection but was concerned if there were compatibility issues.