Another user duped by 'Fake, sketchy' Brave website

(Fake/sketchy is deliberately put in title and apostrophes’ to focus on it.)

A month ago I made a post about ‘fake’ looking brave website (operated by brave) which is used for google ads and likely Microsoft ads. Possible Fake brave website ad and browser download

Then wrote about it in detail in the comments and got somewhat satisfactory reply that my feedback will be passed to marketing team. I don’t if it was actually passed or the marketing team did not consider the problem the problem it well whatever.

I came across this comment on a unrelated post on one of the largest subreddit and largest crypto related subreddit.
As seen in the comment, not only me but other users also do not know what exactly is going on with that website used for google ads. @Mattches too at first did not understand it and also the guy on the brave browser subreddit on whose behalf I had made my original post on this forum.
It is indeed Brave company’s website as noted in the faq section. But then other users saying that it is ‘qusi-scam’, referral scam operated by unknown individuals (scammers) and making other user use caution while clicking on this advertized website, meaning I am not the only one thinking that way.

Then there is this post on the official brvae/bat subreddit considering brave’s marketing strategy (there other dozen such posts in past). If random users are watching youtube without ad-blocker on let’s say chrome about a video on which browser they should choose and possible get this ‘fake, sketchy’ duplicate website ad named (that too a static page) potential users are not gonna click on it. Or even if they do click on it they are not gonna download a browser from a static page. (hypothetical situation).

Who in brave company is allowing this website for google ads?? That too why a static webiste?? Why not advertize with original website?? The third website redirects to so why not redirect this one too.
As far as I know the second website is mostly used for google advertizing.

@Mattches @steeven

Yo, can I get reply from Brave team @Mattches @steeven

Hi @chh_68, based on your initial post it looks like 2 Brave employees replied to your questions - Possible Fake brave website ad and browser download - #7 by fanboynz.

Your feedback was passed along to the appropriate channel internally.