Possible Fake brave website ad and browser download



This guy on reddit got a possible fake brave ad. He had his shields off for some personal work reasons.
So is the website fake?? And if not why is brave using such a type of website for advertising rather than using the official one.
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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I do not think we own that site – I’ve forwarded this information to the team for review/confirmation.

I was completely wrong – this is ours and is official. We have an explanation here:


(harsh words hereon) I think this whole thing is beyond any possible reasoning. It goes beyond any common sense or logic. Why in hell is Brave advertising with this website rather than the original website brave.com. New users will think this a fake website created by a hacker/scammer. I, you and the redditors on the thread also thought that this a fake website.
The try.brave.software.com website could have been redirected to the original website brave.com or even duplicated the data and sitemap from brave.com. Like the second website trybrave.com redirects to original website brave.com which is sensible. If it was try.brave.com I would have understood it as brave talk, brave community, brave search all have domain like xyz.brave.com (eg-community.brave.com). But instead of try.brave.com it is try.bravesoftware.com. If I want to download let’s say firefox, I would download it from mozilla.org instead of try.mozillasoftware.org with has only one page and looks fake from ever possible angle .

Hypothetically I could get a dozen domains similar to brave.com easily and put out fake ads on internet to scam somebody. And Cryptocurrency(BAT) is involved with Brave Browser which will a bonus for scammers so users will not try to download it from fake looking website. And the website is itself is just static looking in nature with only one page. It even does not list the features of entirety of Brave ecosystem from Vpn to search etc.

Gross negligent behaviour from the advertising team. Do raise the issue with the advertising team or with the upper management. Or someone will eventually put it in front of Brendan during the weekly community call on brave talk. Now why does it matter to me, as not only mine with others money is involved in this browser from early stages through BAT. If new users are going to this dodgy website, they are not gonna download it and Bat price will not pump as the price of bat is related to number of users.

Quite weird.

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Note, Fake Brave domains or websites have been taken down/or reported accordingly. Which is unrelated to https://try.bravesoftware.com/ since it’s not fake, and purely for marketing.

I know they are taken down and few months back there was a fiasco where google ads were placed at top of search results for fake brave website.
But this particular domain try.bravesoftware.com has only one page and looks dodgy from every possible angle. So why is brave advertising with such a website or even with the domain when trybrave.com the other marketing site redirects to the original website.

We do what we can, we’ll report to google etc. but with any 3rd-party company (google, domain provider etc) we’re bound by their processes. Not uncommon to us or other company’s fighting fake domains/ads etc.

Can be subjective. But its covered in the FAQ. trybrave.com is probably used for different things here.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll be sure to pass it along to marketing. Is there any other way we can assist you regarding this?

No…Can close the thread.