Android Rewards layout bad/deceptive

It has been a while since I paid much attention to my Android but while trying to help someone today I navigated to Rewards. In the past, it was as simple as Settings > Brave Rewards and you could see your Rewards panel.

However, this time, the only thing shown there was what you can see below:

When seeing this, it was frustrating. I mean, the panel to control auto-contribute, the toggle to turn on/off Rewards, and everything else essentially was hidden and uncontrollable! My first thought was “did they take away the ability to disable Brave Ads on Android?!”

But I went ahead and tinkered a bit more, as that didn’t sound right. I went for the next step of hitting the Rewards icon (triangle) in the Search Bar, thinking it must been moved there, right? WRONG. No toggle there either. So where was it hidden? Or did Brave actually take away the choice from Users?

Deciding to explore more, I hit the gear/settings icon. JACKPOT, I found it!

But now my question and feedback, why is it hidden? Since when did we remove it from the Rewards panel in the Settings menu? Getting to the page is not intuitive and, with how Brave still has Auto-Contribute on by default (to my knowledge), it shouldn’t be “out of sight.”

I’m going to tag @Mattches and @Serg on here, hoping maybe you guys can try to adjust this again. If nothing else, add the toggle for Auto-Contribute and Brave Ads on the Rewards section of Settings. You see there’s a lot of “empty space” in that first screenshot.

Thanks @Saoiray for the feedback. I forwarded it to the appropriate team for discussions.

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Hi @Saoiray, thanks for the feedback. So some things to note:

  1. The full suite of Rewards settings, I believe, has never been implemented on Android in the native browser settings area. Instead, it’s always relied on brave://rewards. Here’s the issue that exists for implementing a copy of Rewards settings in the native browser settings, which you navigated to:

(On desktop, Rewards settings also relied exclusively on the brave://rewards page until 1.33.x., when it was duplicated into the general browser settings area brave://settings.)

  1. As of 1.45.x, the brave://rewards settings page on Android should now be much better than it used to be, and is essentially now at parity with desktop thanks to:

  2. With the improved Rewards page in 1.45.x, I am going to see if we can get the Rewards settings section in the native browser settings to just redirect there—which is where the real Rewards settings are (brave://rewards): (Edit: This is actually the case for the Brave Rewards button in the Android menu already, but not the case for the Brave Rewards settings section inside browser settings.)

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I appreciate the resaponses Serg and Chriscat. I wish I could go back and see settings, but pretty sure before I switched to my iPhone, that when I’d go to Rewards on my Android that it used to go to brave://rewards. It definitely wasn’t kind of hidden away as much as it is now. Not sure when that shift took place, but guess it’s been about a year or more, which ironically would have been about the time I switched to iPhone.

Having noticed it, I realized that some of the posts by people on Reddit and here on Community that referenced Brave “forcing them to participate in Rewards” and all might have been related to this. Just a small misunderstanding.

What is upsetting though is I didn’t even recognize this as something going on. In any case, at least wanted to bring to your attention in hopes it definitely can be made simpler for everyone. Sounds like you’re definitely working on that. So will go ahead and mark this topic as solved.

Wanted to share a clarification:

“Brave Rewards” button in the main Brave menu already does redirect to the brave://rewards page (see screenshot below).

However, there’s also a section in browser settings labeled “Brave Rewards”, which is quite empty and the one @Saoiray screenshotted in his original post. Our plan is to have that also redirect to the Rewards page brave://rewards:

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