Auto contribute help

Auto contribute is off, but it was still taken out of my account

Thanks for reporting. I’d like to ask a few questions to start:

  • Auto Contribute is ON by default and must be manually turned OFF. Did you turn it OFF?
  • Do you have multiple devices linked to your Uphold? If so, is Auto Contribute turned OFF on each of these devices?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your Contributions and Event Log tabs which can be found here brave://rewards-internals/

Thank you in advance!

Yes, i have multiple accounta linked, and yes the setting is turned off on each. Thats the 1st thing i do after entering my wallet (as my old wallet was delted when i synced with mobile)

when i click the little triangle (short cut that shows your rewards) it shows that im not connected and just keeps reloading wont let me do anything * maybe this is why the the ammount of BAT is way lower than it should be*

So when i follow the brave://rewards link you sent it shows the same as shen i click the little triangle at the top, but when i go to rewards through settings it shows this

And here is the actual wallet

That’s not what was needed. do you see the tab you can click that says Contributions? You need to click that and then show information. Also do the same with Event Logs

And on that, you’d need to scroll down to show if Auto-Contribute was on.


I’m not sure what’s up with that first screenshot of your internals. According to it, there’s not wallet created. It SHOULD have a Wallet Payment ID there. So that may have yet another discussion of whether you’re using most recent version of Brave, if you pass SafetyNet, etc.

In any case…Steeven won’t be able to help you until you provide all of the information requested. So far you’ve not shared anything that’s needed to be seen. Also, you’re going to need to check that info for all of your devices. Find out which one your Auto-Contribute came from, basically.

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