Android, add to home screen. Pinterest and Instagram shows vertical on portrait tablet

I have this Samsung tablet (but this issue is in every android tablet/phone I used) that I always use it on landscape. Rotation is locked by system.
If I add Pinterest or Instagram websites on home screen, Brave load them vertically. If I select the Brave menu option to load the page in the Brave browser the website is landscape.
I have no Pinterest or Instagram app installed.
Any solution?

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@Jarc-1107 @Kevin_cc @Alice2095 please help. Thanks.

Hello there @Francisca please accept my apologies for this inconvenience you are experiencing.

I kindly recommend you try deleting the site cookies and data to see if this solves the issue:

    1. In Brave, open the main menu, then Settings --> Privacy
  • Note: You can also select Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data
  1. Select Clear browsing data

Additionally, please provide the following information in order to further investigate:

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

Be waiting for your response.

Hello Kevin_cc! :slight_smile: I deleted the desktop shortcuts and cleared the browsing data.

Here how the issue can be reproduced:

  1. Go In the browser the website rotate following the phone/tablet rotation. This is how it should work.

  2. Menu → Install App
    However from some website the option is “Add to Home screen”.
    By the way I do not have the Pinterest app installed.

  3. A confirm window will show. Choose ADD.

  4. A Pinterest shortcut icon, with a tiny Brave Browser logo, is created on the desktop.

  5. Click the Pinterest icon. The page will rotate in portrait mode no matter how the phone/tablet is rotated.

Expected results:

The page should rotate following the phone/tablet rotation.

Brave version:
Tablet: Brave 1.45.113, Chromium 107.0.5304.62
Phone: Brave 1.46.116, Chromium 107.0.5304.91

Mobile Device details:
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 - Android 12; Build/SP1A.210812.016
Phone: Huawei Mate 20X - Android 10; Build/HUAWEIEVR-N29

Feel free to ask for more info or tests I can perform.

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