An update regarding verification status on mobile devices

-> May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

It is still unverified

How much time vl it take??

They should at least give us update :roll_eyes:

Pls do let us know once this is solved.

It would be nice to have a ballpark estimate; I got a new phone and since we can’t sync mobile yet I went to donate before trading in my old phone… but couldn’t. If I donate to a known verified website it says I have funds sitting waiting for verification. Can we get a more firm opinion on if those will eventually resolve?

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after updating on iOs 1.16.1 the problem with verification on youtube channel is still on the brave website is verified, did you get any reply or keep waiting? my channel yt ->

Problem still here.

[Brave Version 1.16 ( on iOS 13.4.1, iPad Air (3rd gen) and iPhone 6s Plus.]

How are things going with the rollout?
I have many BAT that I’d love to give away as tips.

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I was able to donate successfully to a blog that had been showing unverified for weeks yesterday (and it’s showing correctly today)

… android brave browser

(So maybe try again and see if it’s working for you now)

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Great to hear @realmx2. Yes, the rollout should be nearly complete.

Thank you for getting everything back to normal. I was able to donate to all the sites I intended right before I had to wipe my old phone. Phew! Maybe I should turn on auto-donate or recurring donations for the future.

Awesome @ProjectJourneyman! That’s great to hear :slight_smile:

Why is it taking so long before the verification badge appears on my mobile… it’s been almost 4 days now after update and still not verified

Hello, the a site that is verified on desktop version of Brave is still showing up as Not Yet Verified on my Android phone.
I tried updating the Brave App but it is still showing as Not Yet Verified. Is the roll out still ongoing? Is there any way to force update the verified creator list?