An Option to Disallow Launching External Apps

A good day to you SIRE!

My humble request be Brave alloweth not launching external apps!

Brave launches external apps when you open supported links under search results. That’s very annoying if you want to open the links in the browser itself (e.g., Wikipedia, Facebook etc.). It, especially, is annoying when you open websites under desktop view, by default set in settings, which is to mean you probably want a complete desktop experience on mobile and launching external apps takes away from it.

It’s a terrible hassle to evade this curse of launching external apps! You’ve got to copy and paste a link in a new tab or head over to settings to mess around with specific apps to not open.

Microsoft Edge possesses an option to disable such behavior, which is very useful and I think a lot of people would find it such as well.

Have a nice day and a happy New Year!