Amount of BATS rewards for a YouTube creator less?

Hi i recently started using Brave and signed up for reards as a registered youtube creator

my friend also joined just before I did (both joined in March) and he gets 100 BATS per month and I have the option for Max 10 BATS per month

Have i missed something in my setup not to get the same rewards?

Thank you



Thanks for reaching out.
Not entirely sure what setting you’re referring to – can you show me a screenshot of which setting in the Creator dashboard you’re referring to so we’re both on the same page?



My 2 friends have the option for 100 BAT per month by going to youtube and selecting the rewards tab

I only have the option upto 10 BAT?

We joined in the same month – March so I wondered why the difference?


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You can change that in your creator account to show 100 BAT as well. However, it is a bit pointless because very few people have 100 BAT and even less will tip 100 BAT.

On the top right of your Creator dashboard, click Tipping banner, then Customize. On the bottom right you should see options to set tip amounts.


I would like to have it set-up the same if this is possible please

Please could you send me a screen shot or instructions where I will find this to change as I can not find this?

Thank you for helping

Login to your Creator account, then on your dashboard, click Tipping banner:

Then Customize:

Set the tipping amounts on the bottom right of the Customize page:

Oh I see, I’m not sue this answers my query

As a YouTube creator sharing videos I am eligible for BAT rewards each month from brave

My friends get 100BAT, how do I get the same reward?



Does this tipping banner setting only change the amount of BATS people can tip to my YouTube channel as I am asking how to change the monthly contributions that brave sends creators each month

This shows the contributions I get , my friends get 100 BATS


Brave doesn’t give any contributions to creators. The only thing you might get as a creator is tips from users.


Thank you for helping me understand and the very quick responce times.

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