Amazon store web pages still not loading properly

**Amazon store webpages won’t fully load and it takes a long time for even the partial pages to load. Here is a sample of what they look like when I attempt to link to the login page:

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**I don’t know how to “make” this happen. I woke up one morning, turned my computer on and when I attempted to access the Amazon store, the above is what showed up. I am able to successfully access the store using all of my other browsers. **
Steps I have already taken:

  1. deleted all cookies, trackers, temporary files and images
  2. Using “Settings”, restored all default settings
  3. Added to the list of allowed sites for cookies, etc
  4. Carefully closed/restarted Brave, as well as my PC after each settings change
  5. My final option if you are unable to guide me to the correct place to identify and delete the corrupted file is to uninstall then reinstall the Brave browser - Would rather not have to do that as doing so requires several hours to replicate my book marks, password and autofill data.

I expect someone in support will provide additional solutions to those I’ve already tried (see above list) and which have failed to resolve the issue:

** Version 1.23.75 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

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Hey, just tested the sign in process, no issues here. Can you try in private window mode (no extensions enabled), As long as you dont block cookies, it should login without issue @Helpm

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Just tested, cleared my cookies and logged in (using 2FA)

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As I mentioned in my original problem report, I have no trouble accessing using other browsers. Also of note, I am having zero issues accessing other websites using Brave. Turning off all the extensions and opening in a private window does not fix the problem. I am certain the issue lies in some residual file captured somewhere by Brave and triggered when I attempt to open the Amazon store website. Wherever that file is hiding, it isn’t where Brave keeps cookies, temporary images/files or browsing history, as I’ve deleted all those and still have the issue. What other locations might Brave store files and how do I get to them? Thanks

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As I’ve mentioned, clearing the cookies does not eliminate the display problem. Not sure why 2FA would cause the issue. I don’t have 2FA set up for my Amazon account, but even if I did, it would be irrelevant as the page display problem occurs before logging into my account.

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Can you screenshot the actual display problem? You could try a new profile (within Brave) or backup the current profile which will start Brave from fresh, and then restore it back

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Here’s the screen print:

As you can see, the images (and who knows what other things) don’t display. As far as I can determine, the profile options only allow a change in theme and color – please explain why messing with it might help resolve this situation. Regardless, I am happy to do that. How do I save, then reinstall my Brave profile? Thanks.

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Does using a vpn (or not) help? Try using the vpn from a different location @Helpm

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