Amazon Navigation Bar

Could Brave please fix the Navigation Bar at the top of the Amazon site? It does not go all the way across at the top and it covers up part of the options on the side when using Shopping Search options.

Hello @boreedken

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Brave.

Could you kindly share the following:

  1. Brave version (found at brave://version)
  2. Device(s) OS version.
  3. A screenshot of the issue.

Be waiting for your answer and have a nice day!

I am not sure of the Brave Version, however, I downloaded it within the last month, so it should be the latest . The first picture is how Amazon appears with Safari. The 2nd is the Brave version.

You can see that the bar I have highlighted in red does not go all the way across and it covers up the top options that I need to use. This is a picture taken on my Mac Book
Deanna Kennedy

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