Amazon links don't work

Only happens on Brave if I go to firefox or chrome no issue, when I click on any of the advertisement links from amazon it gives me an error page

" This site can’t be reached (the link i clicked on) might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

It’s really annoying and any assistance to fix it would be appreciated.

The link causing issues @brokenamazonlink ?

I visited and clicking on various links seems fine so far. Does it work in private window mode?

Sorry I meant just the advertisement links, amazon itself works fine but when clicking on links from my email and other places being advertised it takes me to a error.

It does work in private. Does that mean it may be an addon conflict?

Do you have any extensions enabled?

I do use adblock but with it disabled it still happens

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Give it 24-48hrs, I’ve made a change upstream. See if it helps.


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