More than half my BAT disappeared on verification

I have been using Brave since 2020, I made a wallet back in 2020 and can still access it, but never actually withdrew my BAT that had been accumulating over the years. I just verified today with Gemini, and now a large amount of my Bat is gone. There is still records in my statements from ads of how much I should have that add up to the amount I had, but now I have none and I can’t put any in Gemini.

It just lists as 137 when I had 370 moments ago. And it reflects the same in the deposit history on my gemini account. How did I lose more than half of my rewards verifying?

I guess it’s better to raise a ticket in such a case.
Raise one at

Also, share the ticket id so if anyone from the support team sees this they will be able to pull up your case.

Thank you, I put in the ticket in, its 170375.

I’m just so confused how I could have so much of my BAT disappear instantly and the gemini transfer show the same.


I am looking into this for you. Thanks again for your patience on this matter.

Brave Team


Is there any movement on this? I am still missing more than half my BAT

It looks like ya never responded to the request from last Thursday. Would you mind checking your email and replying to the request for additional information?

Thank you!

Thank you for your help.

Did you retrieve the missing tokens?

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