Allowing cookies keeps getting turned back on by itself

Allowing cookies keeps getting turned back on by itself. I noticed it about a month or so ago I turned the settings back on to secure my info in the brave browser went back in different places areas I see it being turned back on and I keep turning it off and it keeps being turned back on and I have all the correct software updates I have all the correct settings everything’s updated and this is very frustrating to me because I do not want these apps or websites tracking me in and getting on my cookies and my information.

I’m not getting any help again my security settings keep allowing everything that should be blocked. If I don’t get help then I’m going to stop using brave and find a bunch of complaints yes basically a scam because I never got any rewards for years of usage and now my privacy is at risk

Do you mean on Android? because in that case, you have to set the cookies through the Site Settings → Cookies and not in the Shields section, since that one is bugged and has been bugged for months.

I don’t know why you never got help, one of the easiest thing.

But next time when you report something, specify the OS you are using and version and all that, or add a screenshot or something that can help to visualize something.
That will make things easier to guess, I just know Android is buggy in that, so I assumed it is Android.

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