Allow users to right click a tab and create an OS desktop shortcut

I’m aware that you can sort and categorize bookmarks within the browser itself, but I like to make different folders in Windows and sort by dragging shortcut icons around in my OS. Is there any way to add “create shortcut” to the context menu when you right-click a tab in Brave? Making a shortcut through windows is a little drudgy, so being able to do it from the Brave tab itself would be a great quality of life feature, for me at least. If no one else cares or does this then I guess it’s a dumb idea :stuck_out_tongue:

@fronzelneek Just FYI, if you go into your Bookmark Manager or your Bookmarks Bar, you can click and drag those shortcuts to your desktop and it will create a copy there. I just tested that out myself really quick. It may not be as simple as your idea of just right mouse clicking and adding, but it’s there.

If you hadn’t noticed that before, test it out and give your feedback of whether that suits your needs or if you still would like to see them take it one step further and let it be an option when you right click on a bookmark.

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