Allow direct donations to Brave

I would like to give a small monthly or yearly donation to Brave to support the project and mission. I do not want to see ads or use BAT. You could give the option for supporters to receive small bits of merch once they hit different donation totals or durations too.


Well, this is the main way to support Brave. That said, you can get BAT without watching ads. For example, you can link to Uphold, ZebPay, or whatever is available in your region for Rewards (if anything) and purchase BAT that you hold in your account. You can then tip that to Brave and other Creators. For example, you’ll notice on this website that it’s Verified, based on the checkmark in the Rewards triangle: image

And if you click on it, you’d see you could tip Brave.

Again, you can have Rewards enabled but turn off all the ads. You’ll see the toggles for Notification Ads and New tab page ads in the screenshot below. This would be seen from your brave://rewards


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