Adding shortcuts to brave

In Chrome I can add shortcuts of most frequently visited web pages but I cant see how I can do this in Brave. Please advise

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Hello @ruxton28,

Do I understand correctly that you want to add shortcuts to you desktop / start menu?

If so, you can do so by opening the menu in the top-right corner -> More tools -> Create Shortcut.
This will add them as ‘App’ to your OS like most Chromium based browsers. Just like in Chrome, these appear in brave://apps.

Note that this doesn’t work from a Private Window (regular or Tor).

If you mean something differently, please describe how you add a shortcut in Chrome so we’ll know what you try to do.

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My apologies. I just noticed this was labelled android…

In this case, click the three dots (menu) in the lower right corner.

There you should have the option “Add to Home screen.”

The same limitation applies: you cannot do this from Private browsing.

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Hello Degine
I meant to add “android” and “Windows” as devices
I am not taking about shortcuts on the desktop or start menu. When using Chrome the browser senses websites that you visit regularly and places an icon/shortcut on the windows desktop. I was asking if Brave does that and is it possible to do? For instance can I force brave to add such as a Facebook or Ebay or whatever, icon/shortcut to the brave home page

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Brave will add your most visited sites to the NTP (“top-sites”) automatically as you browser. While you cannot add them manually at this time, we are working on adding that functionality in future updates:

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