All tabs and recent history is gone - Android 10

I was using brave browser on my phone because of the security and stability. I had about 110 tabs opened which I periodically used for my work and education.

Last night all I did was to activate this night mode and playing video in background. The browser restarted. Today i opened the browser and everything was fine. Decided to deactivate night mode. I shared a page on whatsapp and closed the browser. When I opened it later all was gone. Months of collected stuff and everything except my today’s history.

It is very very hard to believe that this happened. I did not cleared cache, nor did upgrade of android or something like that.

Is there a way to recover it. I’m very disappointed …

Please, if anyone experienced the same and found a solution, it will save much time of my life.

What is going on here. Why nobody is replying. This thing is serious flaw !!!

Well go to h ell. I will write an article soon!

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