All my tokens disappeared

All my tokens disappeared, There was 1 bat token in January, but when we entered February, it disappeared. I looked in my Uphold wallet and didn’t see it. I looked in my Brave wallet and still couldn’t see it. Where did the BAT token go? Please help.

Same thing here. It would normally go to my Gemini wallet but for January, nothing went through.

Same here,
I don’t have a verified wallet though but still were is my bat?
I only use brave ads earing for January but when I go to brave rewards wallet activity it displays that I earned 0 bat from ads in January(also no claim button).

plz someone help or explain what going on?
Did it remove all earnings because I don’t have verified wallet if so why not warn me.

Currently, it says on the homepage that my bat will be uploaded in 6 days, I recommend you to wait. maybe it will be the same for you

My BAT tokens are always deleted when I enter the new month, I’ve been using Brave since december 2021 and in the 2 months I’ve used it, all of my tokens just dissapeared!

I saw the update. same thing here with 6 days porting. My impatience got the best of me, I guess.

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