All my bat tokens are gone from the browser but do not appear in uphold

I have created an uphold account and verified my identity also. Then I connected the uphold wallet to my browser in the “Brave Rewards” page. I have also authorized the uphold wallet by clicking on “Verify Wallet” in the same page. Then I clicked on “Withdraw Funds” and then all my BAT tokens were gone. The “Brave Rewards” page is showing that I have 0 BAT. I assumed that all the tokens were sent to my uphold wallet. Then I opened uphold, there was a card named “Bat Browser” but show that it has 0.00 BAT. I have refreshed the webpage but it still shows the same. I have relaunched the browser but I still have 0 BAT in the browser wallet. Where did all my BAT go? Will there usually be such a delay in withdrawing?
Please reply soon, my laptop is going to be reset tomorrow and I will be losing all the BAT in the browser if they aren’t sent to my uphold wallet.
Thank you.

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