All BAT missing after linking to Uphold

This seems to be a common occurrence here with BAT disappearing.

I restored my wallet to my browser and it showed all of my BAT available to me. I decided to link my wallet to Uphold to see if I could transfer some of it out since I have quite a bit saved up. After I linked my wallet to Uphold, it still showed all of my BAT in my wallet but nothing in Uphold. I thought that was weird, so I just left it for a few hours to see if some process on Uphold/Brave’s side would fix the issue.

After checking again a bit later, my wallet in Brave is at zero and there is nothing in Uphold. I tried restoring my wallet again to see if there was a bug or something, but it’s still sitting at zero BAT.

What happened?

Does anyone from Brave look at these posts?

I asked Uphold and they said it’s normal for all of my Brave to disappear from my wallet and for Uphold to show nothing after verifying my account.

That doesn’t make any sense to me.

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