Just got onto my computer and all my data on brave is gone, history passwords EVERYTHING

hello, an hour ago i got onto my computer which has been on all night and i open brave to see all my data-history, modules, bookmarks, save passwords are all gone. I cant believe this its so infuriating is there any possibility to roll back or retrieve my old state of brave from like 24 hours ago? i dont understand how this can happen.

bump. help please?

@Miguelr1234 there are a lot of potential things on what could have happened. The big thing I’ll suggest for right now is for you to check out NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue and try to follow all of the instructions given.

Aside from answering everything over on that topic, I’ll also ask you to advise of some of the below here on your own topic.

  • What version of Brave are you using? (don’t just say “the latest,” but provide exact version number)

  • Which version of Windows? (7/8/10/11)

  • Are you in your main profile? Or rather, just want you to make sure you haven’t created any additional profiles or anything. As simple as it sounds, people have accidently created guest profiles or something and didn’t realize it. So good to check.

If no extra profiles, your top right should be something like:


If you have created a different profile, it will be something like:

Guest profile:

Secondary profile: (which I named dddd in this example)


Do you have any programs like CCleaner or anything that might have cleared data from your computer? I know some even used things like Avast Cleaner which had deleted folders before.

You could try a system restore point to an earlier point if you’ve been in a habit of creating them. But otherwise there’s not really a way to recover anything you’ve had deleted from your device.

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