After 1 month using Brave, no BAT

I have been using BRAVE for more than a month, wallet created, wallet verified in Uphold, daily use of the browser and not a single BAT, and I have not seen any warnings either. I will appreciate help

Hello @marcelonunez - I am fairly new to Brave/BAT myself and had a bit of trouble with this issue as well. I did a reinstall to be certain I had the correct build and then over to Notifications & Actions in settings (Windows 10). You’ll need to be sure that Brave Browser is allowed to show you notifications under “Get Notifications from these Senders”. You’ll also want to make sure that focus assistant is either off or you’ve tweaked the settings to make sure that you can get the notifications. There is a help article on the forums - If I run across it, I’ll update with the link.

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I seemed to have forgotten the bit about actually enabling ads and choosing the rate at which you want to see them, but this is the link I used to troubleshoot and get it working:

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There was also a known issue with Catalina, but it looks like it got resolved:

Thank you very much for your help, but my problems are with macOS catalina 10.15 and I am still unable to solve

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