Problems with ad notifications and Update error

I have not been receiving ad notifications this month. I got 2 at the very start of the month and haven’t received any since. Also at the end of last month my rewards from ad notifications did not go into my uphold wallet. I realised I was not using the latest version of brave and decided to update to possibly solve these issues. When I updated BAT that it said was going to be rewarded to me on April 6th had disappeared.
So there are 2 issues:

  1. Haven’t received an ad notification in weeks, despite not changing anything about my settings from when I was receiving notifications
  2. BAT in estimated rewards pending vanished after update and did not go into my wallet

Any Help is appreciated

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Hello @LilRobin. Just to be sure check if the Brave notifications are “on” at your windows. Go to “Settings” then “System” then “Notifications and actions”.

When I go to system these are the only 2 options available. Thanks for the reply

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You must go at the settings of the WINDOWS not of the BRAVE. Go to “Start” then :point_up_2:

I am giving you even a screenshot:

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