Advanced or Researcher Bookmark Mode


I’m doing some political, economic, cryptocurrency, and general technological researches, and so I have a habit to keep a lot of browser tabs opened to read later (in mobile, desktop, etc.). Sometimes I save those tab pages in the “normal bookmark” to organizate, but sometimes I just want to read it before close without saving (and to not pollute my bookmark with pages not so important to keep, but important to do at least one time read).

There are so many information online that is impossibel to everytime read, until the end, all the content and page tab with content you need to read.

Everytime I open my Firefox or Brave browsers i need to restore all the tabs. Sometimes with a update or an accident i get all the tabs closed. When it happens, it’s a nightmare to try to oarganize the tabs looking at the history page. Sometimes i don’t remember. Right now i have more then 235 tabs opened in my browser.

When we do researches we study something that send us to another page (another source), than we find something new we don’t know, and this cycle still going on… like a loop. When we read in mobile sometimes wee need to read better in a desktop or vice-versa. Those variables contribute to grow up the number of sources to read and to procrastinate some contents to see later.

Thinking in that I want to bring the idea to Brave Browser innovate with an Advanced or Researcher Bookmark Mode:

With this new bookmark we can easily bookmark the page we want to see, create easy folders to organize, and the new features (in comparison with the “normal bookmark” mode) are:

• Manual Check (on/off) if you already Read the page added to the bookmark

• Customize Every Folder you Created, ordering by:
– Book Added Date (ascending)
– Book Added Date (descending)
– Name (ascending)
– Name (descending)
– Page Read Check (ascending)
– Page Read Check (descending)
– More Visited Page (ascending)
– More Visited Page (descending)

• Sync information to all dispositives

Follow bellow some icon suggestions:


There are two options: a tag with a “check” signal, a “researcher” book with a tag.

IMO this bookmark is going to help me a lot.

Thank you.

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Yes! I like this a lot. @dgulias they’re supposedly in the process of builidng a SpeedReader: Reader Mode Made Fast and Private and its seems similar and I’d wish Mr Levshits and the team working on this take notice of this request also to make it more advantageous to other demographics.

@Mattches mate, this needs to go in the voting category ASAP, so it can come with the SpeedReader being worked on.

You should be able to set Brave to start with tabs from previous session.

Menu > Settings > Under “On startup,” select Continue where you left off . :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I saw this option, but was just a example to explain the role situation.

It seens a good idea. But I hope (if this research bookmark go forward) it works with every navigation mode.

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What? you need to clarify that bit more. Thanks

I hope this bookmark researcher works with your idea (SpeedReader ) and with normal navigation as well. Just to give more options to the user.

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