Ads toggle button not working - have searched forum and still no fix

Newly installed brave on windows

version is 1.30.57 beta and also tried 1.29.77

I have searched all the forums/Web and YouTube have tried the other recommendations on forum to no avail

eg run Brave as admin, restart multiple times etc

The verify wallet button is also not working

Logs is showing a “uphold wallet error”

many thanks

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Please can anyone help, both “turn on ads” button and “verify wallet” is non responsive!

All setup and working on android, just desktop not, it’s doing my head in. Where is support??


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I simply clicked the brave ads button to the off position and it will not click to the on position any longer. Same problem " “turn on ads” button and “verify wallet” is non responsive!"

At last someone has replied… Yeahhhhh

So I am not the only one this is affecting.

I work in IT and have checked as much as I can, this cannot be a PICNIC issue.

Come on Brave help us out.

Cheers bclarke209, let’s hope this gets resolved soon.

:grin: tried to help me. I believe he is a Brave certified assistant. Maybe you can contact him. I just ended up resetting my wallet since I didn’t have many rewards anyway. Since I did that the toggle butoon began working immediately.
Everything has been working fine since then. Good Luck!

Cheers mate

I have messaged him.

Weird thing is I havnt even been able to link a wallet yet as the enable ads and verify wallet were non responsive straight after install, working fine on android app.

If he is able to help I will update you glad yours is sorted

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