Desktop Ad/Verification Issues

I’m having a few issues, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Since January of 2021 I have not received a single BAT, even though I was viewing ads consistently (Desktop), and received BAT every month of 2020.
As of today, the “Ads” function is now permanently toggled to off, and no matter how many times I click it it stays in off position.

I have 126.5 BAT rewards from ads sitting in my browser. For 10 months every few days I click the “Verify Wallet” button, but the button does not lead anywhere, not to uphold or gemini, similar to how the Ads button is toggled to off, it seems the verify wallet button is toggled to not let me click through to the link. There is absolutely no way to verify my wallet and get my BAT.

Does anyone know how to actually contact Brave support to get this resolved?