Ads stopped on Android about 1 month ago, might be related to 'claim button'

Hello Brave community, this problem may or may not be related to other issues I have posted about on here, but one issue has not been resolved and that is I am no longer receiving ads on my android device and have not since sometime in January.

My android brave browser has had the Claim button appear in my brave rewards window for more than a month and when clicked it states “Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later”. When this button first appeared it coincided with the moment that I stopped receiving ads on my android device.

I realise there have been payment issues recently and I did in fact receive BAT for my January payout not too long ago, but the state of my android device has not changed and I am still not receiving ads.

My android device is verified with my uphold account and is displaying my correct uphold balance.

Uphold Verified Wallet (verified sometime Q1 2021)
Brave 1.35.103, Chromium 98.0.4758.102
Android 10
Auto-contribute is off

Unusual Observations: In the Brave Private Ads details window it states my next payment is 0.131 BAT on 7 Feb for 14 ads. As of this post it is March 9th.
When I initially open my rewards tab a different claim button at the top appears and when clicked it states “Congrats! You’ve successfully claimed ads rewards” valued at 2.250 BAT. This claim is there every time I open the rewards tab.

@Interdigitated Do a favor and send a DM to @steeven and/or @Mattches with this information. In addition though, they will need you to provide your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals so they can look into it.

Send a DM, not a response here. The reason being is it serves as a ticket that they work through, but also that things like the Wallet ID and all shouldn’t really be shared openly…just as an extra layer of protection.

Do you have your Brave’s app updated?
Just got mine today. No issues nor delays.

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Done, thanks for the advice

Yes, it is up to date.
I followed the advice of Saoiray and DM’d one of the admins with my internals info.

@Interdigitated Oh yeah, one little thing I did forget to mention. Shouldn’t be a problem but I know @steeven and others like to make sure when talking of Android devices, that it passes SafetyNet, as if it doesn’t then there can be issues receiving payments. I failed in looking to see Android and connecting the dots. You did good by reaching out to them as I mentioned earlier, but if you get the time to test it, try to check out SafetyNet and make sure your device passes. If so, place it here and/or in your DM so they know to rule that out as well. (trying to get a jump ahead here on things so they can dive right in. Odd part for me is your browser is still showing prior month’s payment pending)

Still no resolution

Edit: I found a sort of work around for now. I have installed Brave Nightly and made it my default android browser. I am now getting popups and everything seems to be working correctly with it.


For the unusual behaviour w.r.t. the claim button I had to uninstall and reinstall Brave to fix it. My ads stopped when I verified that new browser with my uphold account so I DM’d support and they fixed it.

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