Ads pop up but still 0.000 BAT

I don’t know why the ads pop up but the status still 0.000 BAT… I tried all the setting from internet infor but still 0.000 BAT… Anybody here know why?


The attachment on the left look under estimated pending Rewards. Do you see where it says “Next Payment Date May 6” that’s when it will be paid into your Brave Rewards total.

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: So that’s mean the 0.000 Bat is fine? I don’t know why it still 0.000 BAT " No activities yet " even I watched a lot Youtube videos … but the right side on desktop the status is different…

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Yeah I understand what you mean I look at it like a delay. If you keep the rewards summary Tab open (The BAT Triangle) it gets delayed until it’s all closed out. If you exit Brave entirely and make sure that the app is forced stopped and open it back up they should show the same amount

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Well, I closed all the tabs and quit the brave browser even restart PC when I click on the browser the count still same… Now what ever I do also still 0 BAT… How to forced stopped the app? You mean ‘end task’ the brave Browser? I am using Window10 and Andriod mobile… but my Andriod mobile didn’t receive any popup ads at all since after I installed brave until now…

Today is May 6 but there is no “Claim my ad earnings” button on my brave browser…

I don’t know why no button to claim the reward…

Because payments haven’t started yet:

I see… Thank you for fast reply…

My pendings rewards are zero 0, why?


I’m having the same issue as you. An entire month went by, over a hundred ads and the estimated bat pending never changed from 0.0. May 6 went by and I get the feeling that no BAT are going to be transferred to me. If you get your issue solved please post back here with any advice

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