Ads not displaying!

Why are adds not displaying in my browser, though I set it up to receive ads.
What am I doing? wrong?

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If you had already read the FAQ an none of this matches your situation.

Just to mention, this month lots of users had been reporting that they don’t receive ads since last payout (that also matches with the new update) and aperently is only affecting windows and mac users. I really don’t know if the issue is resolve, but since i still see threads with the same title (" i not receiving ads") i think not.

Today i have read a comment from a user with the problem described saying that on nightly versión was displaying ads, so probably the issue is in stable versión since the last update. I have a Windows machine also with the same problem, i have tried what this user said and, yes nightly on Windows is reciving ads while stable no.

In mean while developers are working in a proper solution.

In any case, on the last points of my comment, i do not know if it fits in your situation, but is good to know that an issue exist.

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