Ads in Discovery Plus Videos

Ads appearing in Discovery Plus Videos


Brave version: 1.41.96 Chromium: 103.0.5060.114

@fanboynz was there ever more updates on this? I know it’s been referenced before such as

So I know you’ve referenced twice that they can’t be blocked, but it always made it sound like it might be possible in future iterations. Is this a permanent “unable” or what’s the status?

I’m wanting to say I answered this correctly before in post below:

But if you can clarify…

Check Brave Nightly @kewalshah077 (which may/maynot help)

I’m a little confused after being made to create an account because I had a simple question. Like an AdBlocker that blocks all ad’s/commercials on YouTube do they make AdBlockers that block ad’s/commercials on Discovery Plus?

Not sure, I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere. I know Fanboynz mentioned checking on Brave Nightly to see if some of the changes in it might help. Since I’m not a developer and know nothing about coding, I wouldn’t even know what’s possible.

As a normal user, I can say as I have before that I’d think perhaps there’s limitations to what could be done legally. Most things on YouTube where ads are blocked are open and free, where the ads pay the content creator and YouTube even gives viewers the option to Skip ads, hence why blocking them completely is okay.

When you talk things like Discovery Plus, you’re dealing with content that is copyrighted and legally protected. They are telling users that you can only access it if you watch ads, otherwise they want you to pay for a subscription. Those little differences can make a big impact, especially if you want to avoid lawsuits. Yet when I was inquiring of Fanboynz if that plays a role, you can see he avoids answering. So guessing it’s a topic that he and perhaps Brave in general would rather not discuss.

Btw, if you don’t know what Brave Nightly is, it’s the testing and development version of Brave. They do nightly updates on it. But as a testing one, it’s possible to have bugs or data loss. Yet it’s a good way to see some features yet to come. Personally I’ve not installed it but perhaps I should get it and start using.

Dear Stephen (if I have that right) thank you! Brave is a browser correct? I’ll check out that Nightly thing also. Imagine if Google spent a couple dollars a day to update users on the newest works they have going on with the Google Search Engine, the Chrome Browser & Android all in one they’d probably make money doing so. But they’d have to spend a couple dollars first.
Again, thanks for the ideas.
PS: I always wondered how or why Google allowed Chrome Extensions & Downloads from the Microsoft Store to block those sometimes Long ads.

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