Not blocking any ads

hello i just downloaded brave browser for the first time and trying to check if it works but its not blocking any ads on
is there like special key or something i have to active so it can block ads properly ?

hello anyone know how to block ads on there ???

It blocks popups but it doesn’t bypass paywall stuff. You’re on a website that is only providing free so long as you watch ads. Otherwise you must have a TV subscription to view. Brave can’t/won’t violate that.

And you may wonder, why block ads on YouTube but not on places like Investigation Discovery? The answer is YouTube is generally user submitted footage that does not have copyright and is freely established. The ads are just extra revenue. However, there are some types of content in YouTube that is copyrighted and where ads won’t be blocked. These are usually legitimate movies and all.

This website you’re using is all Copyright protected and paywalled. They offer older episodes “free” but in exchange that you watch commercials. Otherwise you need to either have a television subscription OR you must pay for their own subscription, which is Discovery+.

@fanboynz am I saying any of that wrong?

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